Luxury stop.

TOP PREMIUM CARS is more than just cars. It is a story of passion, continuous development and relentless determination. With us, you cross the barriers of standards and gain a passport to the world of your dreams.

Pursuit of Excellence.

Our journey began with a humble dream, and today we realize even the most complex import processes. An extraordinary spark of passion and inexhaustible determination has transformed our automotive vision into a noble mission where there is no room for compromise. Today TOP PREMIUM CARS is synonymous with excellence in the world of your convenience.

Visions become reality when we join forces together. Your needs combined with our skills create the world we want to live in.

Marcin Cierniak


Our mission? Freedom.

Our goal is to cross continental barriers to fulfill the dreams of many people who want to feel special. We strive to make each trip not only a route traveled, but above all an unforgettable experience, surrounded by beauty and comfort. The vehicles we import are the very symbol of freedom - they perfectly represent our mission. We work constantly, we stop at nothing.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to discover the convenience of extraordinary vehicles from around the world. We aim for the over-the-top, and this is the kind of passion we want to infect people with and increase their awareness that vehicles are more than just a ride, they are freedom.